MMS is fully committed to provide sea transportation in a safe and efficient manner, in accordance with national and international laws, rules and regulations and with the highest regard for the safety of its personnel, the protection of the environment and property.

MMS is continually promoting safety on board managed vessels, protection of life and well being of seafarers, avoidance of damage to the environment, in particular marine environment, and to property. Furthermore, the Company established procedures to manage and monitor those aspects in accordance with ISO 14001:2004.

MMS is committed in providing adequate resources and shore-based support, including qualified human resources, information, equipment and training to ensure the following:

·         Safe practices in ship operation and a safe working environment;

·         Identification of potential risks and establishing adequate safeguards;

·         Continually improving the effectiveness and performance of the Management System the safety-management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparation for emergency.

·         Implement, maintain and communicate this Policy to all Company employees and other interested parties.

·         Creating interest and enthusiasm in employees for Health, Safety, Environment Protection and the enhancement of Customer Satisfaction.

·         Recognizing that Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Protection are essential in order to achieve the Company's objectives and their responsibilities of the top Management.

·         Committed to continual improvement by establishing, promoting, monitoring, achieving and reviewing Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Objectives in order to materialize this Policy.

·         Ensuring compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes.

·         Promoting safe, healthy and environmentally friendly practices and a safe working environment and provide appropriate training to all personnel involved.

·         Aiming towards Zero incidents, including Zero Accidental Spillages of harmful substances in the marine environment.

·         Using procedures, instructions and checklists to promote the system.

Ships and equipment shall be maintained in an appropriate manner to ensure their fitness for the intended service.

All shore based and shipboard personnel are strictly required to adhere to this Policy by fully complying with the MMS’s procedures and all applicable national and international regulations.