Security Policy

MMS’s top management is committed to providing a safe and secure ship working environment and supports its ship's to detect terrorist or criminal activities.

In order to enforce this policy MMS has developed a Security Management System that meets the following security requirements:

  • Development, implementation and updating of a Ship Security Plan individual to each Company vessel in accordance with the provisions of the ISPS Code Parts A & B and the US Coast Guard NVIC 10-02.
  • The detection of security threats and the taking of preventive measures against potential security incidents.
  • The designation of appropriate senior staff with overall responsibility for security within the Company and individual ships.
  • Cooperation with the responsible authorities and acting on advice from them. Promotion of security awareness among all employees.
  • Establishing a reporting and recording system for security incidents. Establishing, implementing and verifying specific security measures on board.

MMS is also committed to providing the appropriate security guidance, advice, documentation and necessary resources in order to meet its security objectives and fully comply with the requirements of the ISPS Code and/or any additional requirements that may be stipulated by the relevant competent Contracting Government.

In addition, MMS is committed to ensuring that the Company Security Officer, the Master and the Ship Security Officer are given the necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in accordance with Chapter XI-2 of the ISPS Code.

Furthermore MMS shall consistently and systematically review its security policy and relevant security measures in order to ensure that they remain effective.