Drugs & Alcohol use

Marine Management Services shall maintain a safe and healthy working environment, free from unauthorized use of drugs and alcohol.

The policy applies to all seafarers when on board an MMS vessel or at terminals and similar facilities. Furthermore, it includes MMS shore site personnel, contractors, customers, suppliers and approved visitors for boarding the vessel.

Any consumption of alcohol by the persons on board shall not result in blood alcohol concentration of more than 40 mg / 100 ml. Specifically, Officer and Watch keeping ratings will not consume any alcohol 4-hours before the watch standing duty.

Illegal possession, consumption, distribution or sale of drugs by any employee of MMS shall lead to instant dismissal and will render the person liable for legal proceedings. Carriage or consumption of drugs not obtained by prescription from a doctor or from the ship’s medical chest through the Master is an offence. Misuse of legitimate drugs, or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or not prescribed drugs onboard, is prohibited and any seafarer found in breach of this shall be subject to immediate dismissal.

MMS established and follows a list of banned substances that include, but not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (pcp) and amphetamines.

As a condition of continued employment all vessel personnel shall be subject to drug and alcohol testing procedure that MMS utilizes prior board and during assignment. Refusal to consent to the testing, falsification of a test or positive test results shall lead to the termination of employment.

MMS shall agree to any drug and alcohol requirement (including written Declarations) by Charterers.

All shore based and shipboard personnel of Marine Management Services M.C. are strictly required to adhere to this POLICY by fully complying with the MMS’s procedures and all applicable national and international regulations.