Core Value & Competencies

Leadership & Accountability : People at all levels in MARINE MANAGEMENT SERVICES M.C. organization are responsible for leading and engaging the workforce in meeting our health, safety, and environmental goals and objectives. Managers will be held accountable for accomplishing this by demonstrating correct Health Safety and Environmental behaviours, by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, by providing needed resources, and by measuring, reviewing and continuously improving Health Safety and Environmental performance.

Extensive attendance schemes :  Attendances are well planned and attended with a frequent boarding scheme.

Proactive maintenance :  Adopting the use of electronic software PMS is frequently reviewed by shore personnel.

Professional expertise :  MMS team incorporates both academic and marine background

Real-time Response to Problems

"Non blame culture" :  MMS does not apportion blame to individuals but strives to learn - root cause identification - from the Incidents, Near Misses and Non Conformities in order to prevent its  re-occurrence.

Establishment of MMS sub agency within Magsaysay Copr. - Manila.