Marine Management Services M.C. is a Hellenic Ship Management Company with registered office in Piraeus, Greece since April 23rd 1991.

MMS is being considered as one of the most traditional shipping companies in Greece. Historically MMS took over personnel, premises and business of Trade & Transport Inc which was established back in 1960. T&T Inc has been providing management on a variety of tankers and bulkers.

Since 1991 MMS has achieved a significant expansion in its activities in terms of financial parameters like turnover, profits and operated tonnage.

Today, the company manages a fleet of thirteen tankers of various sizes, specifically three Panamax, five Aframax and five Suezmax. All our tankers operate under high quality standards and ten out of them fly the Greek flag while another three fly the Marshal Islands' flag.

The Company is constantly looking for expanding opportunities either through second hand or new built contracts.

A total number of more than 600 seafarers and 57 office staff are being employed.

MMS current operating tankers total DWT 1585359 with an average age of 6.3 years.